Travelling Is Not Just Loosing Money But Gaining Healthy Benefits

It was always believed that it’s healthy to travel and take a vacation from your daily routine. One of Detroit study says that human health status, mood, tension, energy and satisfaction have better levels of improvement after every vacation.

Unfortunately the levels of work results die when the duration of break increases with time. So the conclusion says you need to pack your bags after almost the end of every month to deliver your best of results. The increment in all human happiness comes just from the anticipation of having a planet vacation in the future. So planning is not just a part but implementation is also required to travel to farthest destination to reach a higher level from all the competition for your next promotion.

Vacations are not just relaxing but also keep you mentally sound. It gives you a break from daily routine like you were following in the office or sometimes when you want to move out of your domestic tensions. The forms could be many but results are only relaxing and soothing for the betterment of your future living. One of the study found that women who took vacation once every 5th year or less were 8times less likely to bear heart attack or develop heart diseases than the others. And men were more at the risk of heart disease that were busy in their daily routine and never bothered to move out of their daily regime. So get out of your home before you suffer from a heart attack or simply die out by the end of 2012.

Travelling does not only give you mental peace but the physical labor develops your body a bit closer to the connection of sound sleep. You get out of your usual phone calls putting your blackberry away. A soothing destination is all it requires to deliver candies not only to your eyes but also your overall health.

Remember never plan out things out of desperation to avoid any complications and spoiling your trip for any matter or else you will get reasons to avoid your next vacation and soon you will die with a heart attack. Sitting at home was still easy as ever and moving out will remain an unexplored fun that you can only discover when you are ready to jump into that moment. So pack your bags and travel more and have all the fun.

Vacation is necessary to get some health benefits and reduce mental pressures. In today’s era the life has become so difficult that one needs to get going and give a break to explore the unexplored fun of travelling out of their daily regime.

Desert Safari – A Must Experience For The Nature Lovers

Desert Safari is an adventurous experience to see the beauty of the Dubai deserts. One can never imagine the thrill and life in the deserts unless and until one has personally seen it with own eyes. One cannot imagine the beauty of the sand and deserts during the day time when sun is casting its beauty on the deserts and the sand is glowing and shining like a newlywed bride. The nature lovers will surely love the sight of the brightly shining sands that cast a spell and seem to enclose a thousand mysteries in their folds. One can enjoy the famous roller coaster and the dune bashing also known as the sand bashing. The experience on the sand is perfectly unforgettable and an unimaginable experience. Being in the deserts, one feels like in heaven full of beautiful mountains and sparkling sand. This eye engaging scenery cannot be imagined until one goes there and sees with his own eyes.

There are various guided tours to Dubai that take the tourist from their hotels and drop them into the desert heaven. After being in Dubai, the experts bring you to the roller coaster and one can experience riding the mountains on a special car which glides on the shining and sparkling sand. One can only imagine in dreams how it looks riding the sands. But, while being physically present at the coaster, one gets to breathe the real air of the deserts and enjoy an un-imaginable experience.

Dubai a famous place, known for its culture, famous deserts, and several other specialties exclusive to it. Dubai forms a perfect spot for the adventure seekers. One is bound to feel like being in the skies with its magnificent experiences. Dubai is also known for its famous desert known as golden sands of Arabia. Visitors visiting Dubai must experience the famous desert safari, where the expert tour guides bring the thrill right from the start. The trip begins from the point where the guides or the tour co-ordinators pick you up from the respective hotels and throw some light over the history of the games and the desert. The detailed knowledge of the deserts, their history and the culture will surely entice the listeners. The guides will bring more excitement to the tour as they guide you through the well known and most popular attraction – Dune bashing. This in itself is a breathtaking and entertaining experience.

Once finished with this you will be given an opportunity to enjoy some time on the camel and see the picture perfect beauty of the deserts while riding on the guided camels. Your evening will be entertained with a special 5 star BBQ menu and several famous belly dancers will add a pinch of sparkle to the night. the heena experts will be eagerly waiting to decorate the women while men will be having a great time with Sheesha pipe. The tour guides will bring you back in the night while searching their way through the deserts. A promising and adventurous opportunity is waiting for you in Dubai!

Travel Insurance Take Care

When we go for traveling we are not only one who is traveling infact we take responsibility of all who are traveling along with us. So we must always get a travel insurance that covers you for maximum of your traveling trip. Insurance are designed to cover your trip so that you don't face any issues or discomfort when you are traveling with family and friends.

Travel Insurance frames our traveling trip so that we can enjoy every moment of it without thinking about nay unfortunate that can happen. Planning is the first and most important step to be taken for any trip. The second important step is implementing those plans. When we implement any plans we get to know many things changes. Travel Insurance is for those who love to travel a lot, who love to take risks and who love to explore the world. It gives full safety and a secure trip to their travelers. It is popular for providing medical coverage and helps us when we land in any problems. Traveling brings various life and colors to us we get to experience new things. They are also responsible for taking care of your personal belongings and luggage. If in any worst case you realize that you have lost your passport and everything that proves your identity so you get your insurance policy work for you.

You should go through all the coverage that is available in the market in your budget that will give you plenty of options to choose from. What all situations are covered under the insurance policy is another vital question that a customer must be aware of. It covers accident or death case for which you are responsible. You can claim for bodily injury which includes medical bills, loss of income or pain and suffering. In a serious accident you want enough insurance that covers your lawsuit without creating trouble for your personal assets.

Travelling along the Way of St. James

Few Countries offer more choice to the visitor than Spain, an enigmatic country, a hybrid of many regions.As a country that still has great inter regional “differences of opinion” – euphemism here for cultural differences and in some cases acts of terrorism, Spain still has a tremendous amount to offer.

As you travel around the country you see glimpses over past rich in the heritage of former conquerors be they the Moors, medieval Spaniards themselves or parts of the country that have Jewish and other international flavours. There are numerous religious sites and pilgrimage routes within Spain as befits a country that is how such a profoundly religious background.

One of the more popular route initially for pilgrims and now tourists is the Camino de Santiago, the Way of St James. El Camino de Santiago has had its origin in this in the ninth century and that was one off the three pilgrimages on which all sins could be forgiven for those who would complete the journey.

The “Way of St James hasn’t always been so popular and indeed during the 16th and 17th century interest in this route to the waned. Folklore says that during this time prisoners used to walk along the route is the attempt to try and perform penance. It is arguable that political unrest in the 16th century, Black plague, Protestant Reformation may have had something to do this.

Interest in this particular pilgrimage route was revised in the 20th century when UNESCO made Santiago de Compostela a world heritage site – a site that now has since become the setting for one of the world’s biggest pilgrimages. In addition to people undertaking the religious pilgrimage of which there are a great many or so as many if not all who travel along the route to appreciate the route for nonreligious reasons.

There are numerous starting off points for the way of St. James, the English route the French route and numerous Spanish routes. It has to be said that the most popular pilgrimage routes originate in France, leading from the north or France right down to Spain. All of the French routes come together and meet in the town of Roncesvalles in Navarre.

To be totally honest nowadays all but the most ardent and fervent pilgrims start out along the Way of St James from Roncesvalles and proceed along the 760 kilometre route to Santiago de Compostela. As they pass through historic towns and villages along the route such as Navarre, Burgos and Logrono, many pilgrims claim that having gone through this experience en route they feel suitably spiritually prepared for when they arrive at the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

As has been said that the main route is probably the French route. The route does go some way to ensure that the pilgrims do not get lost along the way and the most common sign of route markers are the small yellow arrows that are found all along the way. It is said that these were by and large painted in the 1970′S by Father Elias Valdinha who as well as wanting to improve the way also wanted to avoid more confusion that was necessary and also to ensure that all pilgrims arrived at their destination in good order as well as humour!

World’s Wildest Safari Holidays In South Africa

South Africa safari holidays take many forms. You can follow the safe route by taking guided tours or conducting your own drives through the larger and more developed parks; and you can also avoid the crowds and even “civilized” accommodations by taking a walk on the wild side. Could it get any wilder than among the free roaming wildlife of South Africa? Below are a few of the wildest parks and game reserves for you to explore.

Marakele National Park
Marakele National Park is the least developed game reserve you will find in South Africa. It is remote and stunningly beautiful, sitting amidst the Waterberg Mountain Range. You will require a four-wheel vehicle to access the area, or you can trek in on foot. Of particular interest to visitors is the largest colony in the world of endangered Cape vultures. For birders, there are also the African harrier hawk and the jackal buzzard. For those on safari holidays who want to see wildlife of the four-legged variety, there are giraffes, elephants and rhinos.

Maputaland Coastal Forest Reserve
This one is for those who don’t mind going a little out of the way on their safari holidays. The Maputaland Reserve sits along the Indian Ocean and instead of experiencing the joy of viewing the Big Five land animals, you have the thrill of catching the Big Five ocean creatures in the warm sea water. Here, you can find the humpback whale, whale shark, ragged turtle sharks, bottle nosed dolphins and enormous leather back turtles. Water-fowl abound including genets, sunbirds and even dusky fly catchers. On land, the lush vegetation attracts various mammals and if you go further inland to the lakes you can catch sight of crocs and hippos.

De Hoop Nature Reserve
The accommodations for this national park are simple huts. The lush enable you to see more than 200 species of birds that live here. Wander deserted beaches or look deep into the rock pools set amidst heath-like fynbos in the diverse shrubby landscape.

Wildlife at this reserve consists of the lesser known species: the petit gazelle-like bonetboks and grey rhebucks, and the rare Cape mountain zebras for example. You may also catch a glimpse of the very shy mountain reedbuck. Rarely seen birdlife includes African black oyster catchers and blue cranes, but you are sure to spot the red knobbed coot. Wander among the spectacular, soaring sand dunes or gaze up in wonder at the towering cliffs.

Royal Natal National Park
The Royal Natal National Park can offer a challenge to those adventurous folk on safari holidays – to hike the trails of this wild terrain along the Tugela River. Here, you pass through grassland and gorges surrounded by forests. Birds prevail, with the bearded vulture and other carrion eaters being highly visible much of the time. Be on your guard for the most dangerous wildlife: the park is home to puff adders and Berg adders.

Hlane Royal National Park and Mlawula Reserve
Adjacent to the Mlawula Reserve, the Hlane Royal National Park features dense woodland, lowlandveld savannah, groves of ironwood trees and the impressive Lubombo Mountains. The two parks provide those on safari holidays with an in-depth look at the region’s terrain and wildlife. On the Lubombo Heights, you can find mountain reedbuck, while in the lowveld savannah you can see red duiker and the samango monkey. Also wandering the site are elephant, hippo, white rhino, various antelopes, cheetah, leopards and giraffes.

Hlane Royal National Park and Mlawula are well known for their birds and, in particular, visitors come to see the raptors. The parks are home to a dense population of vultures and many other birds of prey including eagles and goshawks.

Short Breaks In New York

There’s so much to do in New York, that you almost don’t know what to do with yourself. For many people, taking a short break to New York can seem senseless since it can feel like trying to fit far too many activities into a short space of time. This isn’t strictly true if you plan properly and do a little research before you go on your holiday. The amount of activities you try and fit into your holiday will depend on whether you’ve been to New York before and why you’re going to the city this time.

If you are taking a short break in New York and this is your first visit, then the most obvious and popular attractions are where you should head for first. If you enjoy the first holiday there, you can always fly back for another holiday there. The majority of people go to New York to see the sights for which the city is justly famous. The start point for many people is the Empire State building, where a journey up to the upper floors is a must due to the amazing view you can get from up there.

While you’re in the neighbourhood, you can always take a quick peek into Macy’s so you can see what all the fuss is about on your short break in New York. A short way from there is the beauty of St Patrick’s Cathedral with its picturesque old architecture. The contrast between it and the extremely modern skyscrapers is part of the charm of this old church.

The next stop after that on your New York holiday should be a walk along the Brooklyn Bridge. When you have reached Brooklyn a visit to the Brooklyn Museum of Art is highly recommended. It is the second largest collection in New York, but often far less crowded than the better known museums. None of these can be experienced properly without taking sometime to just enjoy your surroundings.

The second day that you’re there is often the most laidback since the rush of arriving in New York for your holiday can wear off, leaving you feeling more tired than before. So the best way to start off the day is with a gentle stroll around Central Park just to wake you up and allow you to enjoy the greenery surrounding you. After that you can take a trip to see the most famous lady in the city.

The Statue of Liberty is a must on your first visit to the city, regardless of whether you’re taking a short holiday in New York or a very long holiday. The ferry to Staten Island is relaxing and not physically demanding and allows you a fantastic view of the statue while you travel there. While on Staten Island you should have a look at the beautiful Botanical Gardens and the Zoo.

The last day you spend is likely to be a frantic run around to buy souvenirs and gifts before leaving for home. This is a great incentive to have another visit to Macy’s before finishing up your New York holiday. You can also visit other landmark stores such as Bloomingdales and FAO Schwartz. Then all you have to do is get all your luggage ready and head off to the airport.

4 Easy Tips To Packing And Traveling Light

In this brand new age, a good number airlines are requiring extra charges for even your initial suitcase, therefore, it is more critical than ever to packing light. This way, you save a lot of cash in ways never even realize. It will also give you more comfort and leeway for the duration of your travels. There is a common cliche amongst travelers that one should put all his travel clothes and all his travel cash each in a pile, and then leave half the clothes and double the amount of money he will bring. For a lot of people, packing lightly is never entirely simple. But the idea behind this will benefit you a lot. As long as you realize this, it will help you pack in a way that will only cover your needs.

Packing light simply means less weight. By doing this, you can decrease the load that you must carry around in city streets, metros, bus terminals, train stations, and airports. The method is considered a huge help if your plans are to travel on budget that will include other method of transportation to get to your destination.

A good number travelers find it absolutely difficult to find the largest, most acceptable luggage on an airplane. It is also part of the inconvenience hauling it up a flight of stairs and other hurdles until the final destination. This old style of packing will definitely give you aches and pains that will discourage you from enjoying your whole trip.

Moreover, packing light can save your time especially during the baggage checking process in the terminal. You could even pack light enough so you’ll not be required to go through the endless process of checking the bags, etc..

When it comes to air travel, there can be additional stress in flight by worries of what to bring and how to pack. Packing light provides greater ease to the trip while packing to the limit enables the traveler to bring just about all they can remember and gives a sense of security in traveling. Always keep in mind that you should weigh the pros and cons of packing heavy versus packing light and base your decision on what is best suited for your trip. Here are some tips that should help you “down-size” your suitcase:

1. Bring just a week’s outfits with undergarments. Choose the only clothes that are comfortable and appropriate on your certain travel. You can want to pack just for a week, and if you have decided to prolong your trip, you can have laundry done. This way, the weight of your suitcase is decrease thus reducing your stress of carrying a heavy bag. It is also a cool idea to make sure that all your clothes can be mixed and match depending on the occasion. This way, it will appear that you wearing another attire when in fact it’s simply a variation of the others.

2. Maximize your better clothes. Many travelers will spend long hours of sightseeing and them another time of relaxing in the hotel room. It is best to bring a set or two of outfits for coziness that can be worn several times. Choose light colors or even darker shades to avoid getting dirty easily.

3. Bring toiletries in small bottles or trial sizes. The most common mistake of new travelers is absentmindedly packing their big bottles shampoo and conditioner without even thinking about it. You can buy small bottles or trial sizes at the shop.

4. Do not bother bringing work out clothes and shoes. There’s a greater likelihood that you won’t be able to use them. Some travelers who usually work out at home could commit themselves to keeping the routine while on the trip. You might end up bringing running shoes and gym wear which can add to the weight of your suitcase. If you are visiting a new place you will probably end up walking 6 or 8 miles in seeing the sights. In addition, you may take the stairs as an alternative to elevators and so forth, and leave your gym stuff at home.

Packing light will absolutely enhance your travel experience. Having lesser weight to carry can give you ease and relaxation while traveling. Moreover, you have less to unload when your trip is over. And most of all, you will have all you need to enjoy whether it is for business or for pleasure.

Kovalam Travel Guide Offers Breathtaking Attractions

Kovalam is one such tourist destination of Kerala that will leave you enchanted to the hilt. It is not easy to describe the natural beauty of this destination in words; one must travel to Kovalam to experience it. It is beautifully blessed by Mother Nature which makes it a famous attraction of Kerala. Tourists from across the globe come here to spend holidays in the lap of nature. It is a beach town ideally located on the west coast of India.

Kovalam tour promises you holidays full of pleasure and beauty. Once you explore and experience the attractions of Kovalam you will remember the experience for long. The mesmerizing beaches with swaying coconut trees, the limitless sky, the lashing waves, sights of fishermen catching fish, houseboats sailing through the backwaters, colorful and beautiful birds are some of the enchanting sights you can treat your eyes with at Kovalam.

Some of the most famous attractions of Kovalam are:

Kovalam Beaches
This destination is renowned for its fascinating beaches which are the sparkling jewels of this destination when it comes to attractions. The beaches here are very beautiful offering romantic ambiance and salubrious climate. They also serve as the venues for the world famous Kathakali dance of Kerala. Ayurveda and yoga and meditation centers are located near the beaches where you can go and experience the bliss of Ayurvedic massages or yoga and meditation classes.

Lighthouse Beach
This beach is located in the south region of Kovalam. It is known for its lighthouse which is 35 m high. It is a major attraction here. It offers amazing views of the surroundings. The shore is lined with temporary stalls and eateries.

Hawah Beach
It takes pride in being the second largest beach of Kovalam. It is highly picturesque and offers wonderful environment to spend quality time. It also offers picturesque views of fishermen catching fishes.

Samudra Beach
It is located in the northern part of the town. This part of the town is separated from the southern side by a huge headland. Laze around here and enjoy the natural beauty. It is ideal for enjoying bathing and swimming.

Do visit this fishing village for a wonderful experience. It is located only 6 km from Kovalam beach. Its long stretch of white sand and pleasing surroundings make it a must-visit destination. It is also known for its two hilltop temples namely Ayyappa temple and Pulikudi Azhimala Shiva Temple. These temples are hemmed in by dense forests. Other attractions of this destination are Jama Masjid, Halcyon Castle, Valiathura Pier and Vizhinjam Fishing Harbor.
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