Short Breaks In New York

There’s so much to do in New York, that you almost don’t know what to do with yourself. For many people, taking a short break to New York can seem senseless since it can feel like trying to fit far too many activities into a short space of time. This isn’t strictly true if you plan properly and do a little research before you go on your holiday. The amount of activities you try and fit into your holiday will depend on whether you’ve been to New York before and why you’re going to the city this time.

If you are taking a short break in New York and this is your first visit, then the most obvious and popular attractions are where you should head for first. If you enjoy the first holiday there, you can always fly back for another holiday there. The majority of people go to New York to see the sights for which the city is justly famous. The start point for many people is the Empire State building, where a journey up to the upper floors is a must due to the amazing view you can get from up there.

While you’re in the neighbourhood, you can always take a quick peek into Macy’s so you can see what all the fuss is about on your short break in New York. A short way from there is the beauty of St Patrick’s Cathedral with its picturesque old architecture. The contrast between it and the extremely modern skyscrapers is part of the charm of this old church.

The next stop after that on your New York holiday should be a walk along the Brooklyn Bridge. When you have reached Brooklyn a visit to the Brooklyn Museum of Art is highly recommended. It is the second largest collection in New York, but often far less crowded than the better known museums. None of these can be experienced properly without taking sometime to just enjoy your surroundings.

The second day that you’re there is often the most laidback since the rush of arriving in New York for your holiday can wear off, leaving you feeling more tired than before. So the best way to start off the day is with a gentle stroll around Central Park just to wake you up and allow you to enjoy the greenery surrounding you. After that you can take a trip to see the most famous lady in the city.

The Statue of Liberty is a must on your first visit to the city, regardless of whether you’re taking a short holiday in New York or a very long holiday. The ferry to Staten Island is relaxing and not physically demanding and allows you a fantastic view of the statue while you travel there. While on Staten Island you should have a look at the beautiful Botanical Gardens and the Zoo.

The last day you spend is likely to be a frantic run around to buy souvenirs and gifts before leaving for home. This is a great incentive to have another visit to Macy’s before finishing up your New York holiday. You can also visit other landmark stores such as Bloomingdales and FAO Schwartz. Then all you have to do is get all your luggage ready and head off to the airport.

4 Easy Tips To Packing And Traveling Light

In this brand new age, a good number airlines are requiring extra charges for even your initial suitcase, therefore, it is more critical than ever to packing light. This way, you save a lot of cash in ways never even realize. It will also give you more comfort and leeway for the duration of your travels. There is a common cliche amongst travelers that one should put all his travel clothes and all his travel cash each in a pile, and then leave half the clothes and double the amount of money he will bring. For a lot of people, packing lightly is never entirely simple. But the idea behind this will benefit you a lot. As long as you realize this, it will help you pack in a way that will only cover your needs.

Packing light simply means less weight. By doing this, you can decrease the load that you must carry around in city streets, metros, bus terminals, train stations, and airports. The method is considered a huge help if your plans are to travel on budget that will include other method of transportation to get to your destination.

A good number travelers find it absolutely difficult to find the largest, most acceptable luggage on an airplane. It is also part of the inconvenience hauling it up a flight of stairs and other hurdles until the final destination. This old style of packing will definitely give you aches and pains that will discourage you from enjoying your whole trip.

Moreover, packing light can save your time especially during the baggage checking process in the terminal. You could even pack light enough so you’ll not be required to go through the endless process of checking the bags, etc..

When it comes to air travel, there can be additional stress in flight by worries of what to bring and how to pack. Packing light provides greater ease to the trip while packing to the limit enables the traveler to bring just about all they can remember and gives a sense of security in traveling. Always keep in mind that you should weigh the pros and cons of packing heavy versus packing light and base your decision on what is best suited for your trip. Here are some tips that should help you “down-size” your suitcase:

1. Bring just a week’s outfits with undergarments. Choose the only clothes that are comfortable and appropriate on your certain travel. You can want to pack just for a week, and if you have decided to prolong your trip, you can have laundry done. This way, the weight of your suitcase is decrease thus reducing your stress of carrying a heavy bag. It is also a cool idea to make sure that all your clothes can be mixed and match depending on the occasion. This way, it will appear that you wearing another attire when in fact it’s simply a variation of the others.

2. Maximize your better clothes. Many travelers will spend long hours of sightseeing and them another time of relaxing in the hotel room. It is best to bring a set or two of outfits for coziness that can be worn several times. Choose light colors or even darker shades to avoid getting dirty easily.

3. Bring toiletries in small bottles or trial sizes. The most common mistake of new travelers is absentmindedly packing their big bottles shampoo and conditioner without even thinking about it. You can buy small bottles or trial sizes at the shop.

4. Do not bother bringing work out clothes and shoes. There’s a greater likelihood that you won’t be able to use them. Some travelers who usually work out at home could commit themselves to keeping the routine while on the trip. You might end up bringing running shoes and gym wear which can add to the weight of your suitcase. If you are visiting a new place you will probably end up walking 6 or 8 miles in seeing the sights. In addition, you may take the stairs as an alternative to elevators and so forth, and leave your gym stuff at home.

Packing light will absolutely enhance your travel experience. Having lesser weight to carry can give you ease and relaxation while traveling. Moreover, you have less to unload when your trip is over. And most of all, you will have all you need to enjoy whether it is for business or for pleasure.
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