World’s Wildest Safari Holidays In South Africa

South Africa safari holidays take many forms. You can follow the safe route by taking guided tours or conducting your own drives through the larger and more developed parks; and you can also avoid the crowds and even “civilized” accommodations by taking a walk on the wild side. Could it get any wilder than among the free roaming wildlife of South Africa? Below are a few of the wildest parks and game reserves for you to explore.

Marakele National Park
Marakele National Park is the least developed game reserve you will find in South Africa. It is remote and stunningly beautiful, sitting amidst the Waterberg Mountain Range. You will require a four-wheel vehicle to access the area, or you can trek in on foot. Of particular interest to visitors is the largest colony in the world of endangered Cape vultures. For birders, there are also the African harrier hawk and the jackal buzzard. For those on safari holidays who want to see wildlife of the four-legged variety, there are giraffes, elephants and rhinos.

Maputaland Coastal Forest Reserve
This one is for those who don’t mind going a little out of the way on their safari holidays. The Maputaland Reserve sits along the Indian Ocean and instead of experiencing the joy of viewing the Big Five land animals, you have the thrill of catching the Big Five ocean creatures in the warm sea water. Here, you can find the humpback whale, whale shark, ragged turtle sharks, bottle nosed dolphins and enormous leather back turtles. Water-fowl abound including genets, sunbirds and even dusky fly catchers. On land, the lush vegetation attracts various mammals and if you go further inland to the lakes you can catch sight of crocs and hippos.

De Hoop Nature Reserve
The accommodations for this national park are simple huts. The lush enable you to see more than 200 species of birds that live here. Wander deserted beaches or look deep into the rock pools set amidst heath-like fynbos in the diverse shrubby landscape.

Wildlife at this reserve consists of the lesser known species: the petit gazelle-like bonetboks and grey rhebucks, and the rare Cape mountain zebras for example. You may also catch a glimpse of the very shy mountain reedbuck. Rarely seen birdlife includes African black oyster catchers and blue cranes, but you are sure to spot the red knobbed coot. Wander among the spectacular, soaring sand dunes or gaze up in wonder at the towering cliffs.

Royal Natal National Park
The Royal Natal National Park can offer a challenge to those adventurous folk on safari holidays – to hike the trails of this wild terrain along the Tugela River. Here, you pass through grassland and gorges surrounded by forests. Birds prevail, with the bearded vulture and other carrion eaters being highly visible much of the time. Be on your guard for the most dangerous wildlife: the park is home to puff adders and Berg adders.

Hlane Royal National Park and Mlawula Reserve
Adjacent to the Mlawula Reserve, the Hlane Royal National Park features dense woodland, lowlandveld savannah, groves of ironwood trees and the impressive Lubombo Mountains. The two parks provide those on safari holidays with an in-depth look at the region’s terrain and wildlife. On the Lubombo Heights, you can find mountain reedbuck, while in the lowveld savannah you can see red duiker and the samango monkey. Also wandering the site are elephant, hippo, white rhino, various antelopes, cheetah, leopards and giraffes.

Hlane Royal National Park and Mlawula are well known for their birds and, in particular, visitors come to see the raptors. The parks are home to a dense population of vultures and many other birds of prey including eagles and goshawks.


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